The 5 Most Expensive Yachts in the world

  • Date: Sep 12, 2016
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If there is one material possession that is synonymous with wealth, it is the yacht. A symbol of attainment and success, only the wealthiest individuals on the planet can afford to own a fully-fledge yacht, while even those who want to rent one must be prepared to pay a significant sum.

5 of the World’s Most Expensive Yachts

The lavish reputation notwithstanding, however, the actual cost of the world’s most expensive yachts will probably come as a huge surprise. To understand this further, here are the five costliest yachts ever to have traversed the world’s oceans: –

Al-Said, $300 million

Named after its billionaire owner Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, this incredible yacht was one the second largest in the world and the most expensive to construct. Its total cost was a staggering $300 million, while it boasts a specification and a fortified, aluminium structure that puts others to shame. The yacht can hold up to 70 guests and even includes a concert hall, and can often be seen traversing the sun-kissed waters of Dubai.

Superyacht A, $323 million

With a name like Superyacht A, you would expect this brooding vessel to be the Royal Vegas Casino most expensive Yacht in the world. It only manages to achieve fourth place in our list, however, with a value of $323 million and the capacity to hold 14 guests. It is owned by the Russian billionaire Andrei Melchenko, and while Superyacht A may be smaller than its rival vessels it is the very embodiment of quality, style and luxury.

Dubai, $350 million

As the home of mega-rich business magnates and seven-star hotels, Dubai is now the epicentre of commercial life and a destination that remains synonymous with success. The same can be said of the luxury yacht of the same name, which was commissioned as the Golden Star by a wealthy Prince of Brunei. The vessel has also been referred to as the Platinum 525, while its huge interior can host a staggering 115 travellers. It cost a cool $350 million too, making it the third- most expensive yacht in history.

Eclipse, between $450 million and $1.2 billion

There is an argument that this stunning yacht should be top of our list, but at the very least it is a worthy runner-up that is worth a minimum of $450 million. The issue with this vessel is that its construction costs and resale value remains the subject of debate, from a lower-end projection of $450 million to a peak of $1.5 billion. Either way, it has 70 crew members and is owned by Chelsea magnate and Russian oil tycoon Roman Abromavich, while there is even a helipad or two should you need to use them.

The Streets of Monaco, £1.8 billion

If there is some doubt about the true value of the Eclipse, the Streets of Monaco is a vessel that we know costs a cool $1.8 billion (or £1 billion if you herald from the UK). The only difference with this yacht is that it is still under construction, but it has already broken new ground in terms of design, features and amenities. It is set to include a private beach, for example, along with a man-made lake and fabricated casino settings. In short, this will be the hottest ticket on the market when it is finished, although only for those who can afford to spend nearly $2 billion on a luxury accessory!


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