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  • Date: Oct 29, 2015
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With dark winter days comes a little bit of boredom. Whilst this might not to everyone’s liking, there are happily plenty of ways you can entertain yourself on those evenings when there is simply nothing on TV, and nobody seems to want to talk to you on Facebook.

Luckily, the internet is at hand, and this is where a world of entertainment is literally at your fingertips. All you need is a good quality internet connection and you can enjoy yourself with a wide variety of activities – no need to leave the house!

Stream TV or films

Sites like Netflix have revolutionised how we watch TV, as we can now choose whatever we want to see, without having to wait for it to arrive on our TVs in its own time! You can sit and watch back to back episodes of your favourite US drama, you can watch the latest films, or you can catch up on some random comedy that last aired on TV about ten years ago – the choice is yours.

Play a few games, win a little cash

Online casino games could certainly mean cash in your pocket for sitting and enjoying yourself of an evening! Simply register, follow instructions, and choose your game, and be ready for the possibility of cash rolling in. Play Vegas games with William Hill and you will see the wide variety of games on offer, all great fun and certainly a way to starve off winter boredom.

Plan your next holiday

We know that the Internet also means a world of information right in front of us, and what better way to beat the winter blues than by planning your next sun-soaked holiday? Get online and start researching!

Shop ‘til you drop (on the sofa)

Now, online shopping may have its downfalls, i.e. it’s quite addictive and you can easily spend too much, but you can also grab quite a lot of bargains by doing your shopping via the comfort of your sofa. Think Christmas shopping for example, what better way to beat the crowds than by not actually joining them?

Give your opinion and earn a little extra money

There are many ways you can earn a little extra cash on the Internet, and whilst you’re not going to make a huge fortune, you can make a little for a rainy day. Online surveys offer cash rewards for your opinions, and it literally involves ticking a few boxes. Granted, you’re going to have to give a lot of opinions to earn much, but if you’re not doing much else, why not?

Meet the love of your life

Online dating used to have such a stigma attached to it, but not anymore! If you’re single, why not spend your spare time browsing available profiles and chatting to people you like? You never know who you might meet, and it’s not like you even have to dress up for the occasion!

These are just a few ways you can amble a little spare time away whilst you’re browsing the Internet in your boredom hours.


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