July 23, 2017

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Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

As far as Digital Nomads go, traveling around the planet is the primary mission in life. Although some might say that these individuals live life on a day-to-day basis, nomads also have their own specific needs, and one of the main necessities is definitely owning a high-quality luggage.

There are many companies that pride themselves in making the “world’s best bags“, but the truth is, most of the time, their products turn out to be underwhelming. Fortunately, there are a couple of hidden gems on the market, and the Standard’s Carry-on Travel Backpack definitely fits perfectly in that category. Judging by the excellent customer reviews, this backpack deserves all the attention it can get.


With the size of 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 in when zipped and 21.5 x 13.5 x 9.5 when expanded, this terrific bag fits all airline size rules. In terms of sheer volume, it ranges from 35-45L, but weighs only 3.7 pounds, which is very impressive. Digital Nomads will be pleased to hear that this backpack has a separate pocket big enough for any 15’’ laptop or a 15” Macbook Pro.


Concealable backpack straps transform this bag into a backpack in a form of seconds. Still, for travelers more inclined to carry baggage in the traditional way, this backpack also offers padded top and side speed handles. A removable premium shoulder strap is also included in the package, but it can be removed when not in use. Interchangeable Orange and Teal accent colors are there to break the monotony, and raise the overall design to another level.

One of the main selling points to any backpack is the practicality, and Standard’s Carry-on Backpack scores big points here thanks to its clamshell opening which allows easy access for lie-flat packing.

Speaking of practicality, it’s also important to mention that this bag has a sliding and removable laptop sleeve as well as two separate front pockets, one intended for larger documents, and the other meant for smaller items. One other interesting feature which separates it from the competition is the built-in safety whistle for any sketchy situations a person might come across.

Durability and Extra Features

As any experienced traveler knows, the most important feature to any luggage are the durability and ruggedness. Despite its stylish design, the Standard’s Carry-on Backpack has plenty to offer in this field as well. With only the premium materials used in construction, it’s no wonder why the results turned out to be so impressive.

The external fabric consists of 1680 denier high tenacity ballistic nylon, which is both waterproof and very easy to clean. With 5mm and above YKK zips used all around, it’s highly unlikely that this backpack will ever get worn out. ITW Nexus brand buckles & clips used for the sternum strap maximize the comfort and the additional included rain cover guarantees complete water resistance.

Price and Shipping

With a very competitive price of $179.00, this backpack is one of the most affordable solutions on the market. Standard is so confident in the quality of their product that they even offer a Lifetime warranty and a Satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

The advantages don’t stop there, as Standard also offers Free World-Wide Shipping through Fedex or DHL International Shipping Service. Naturally, buyers from countries other than USA and Canada will probably have to pay additional import fees, but Standard Luggage will take care of the shipping costs. Considering the tough competition these days, this is truly a great gesture.


Standard’s Carry-on Travel Backpack offers great features for a very affordable price. Built from the finest materials, this fantastic backpack will serve buyes for a long time. Water resistant fabrics are easy to maintain and will always keep things dry.

Practicality is also top-notch, with several convenient pockets placed at easy reachable places. It’s up to the buyer to decide whether they’ll carry it as a shoulder bag, classic luggage or a backpack, but either way, the comfort is at a great level. All things considered, this backpack is undoubtedly an excellent choice for any traveler looking for a reliable companion.

July 22, 2017

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Your Perfect Island Escape

Do you have a vision in your head of paradise? Most people picture a white sand beach, swaying palm trees, translucent blue sea, a drink in hand, the gentle sound of the breeze, a welcome break from the heat of the sun.

Is this the image you have?

The Caribbean sums up that image perfectly, and the great news is that this paradise region of the world is even more easily accessible than it has ever been before, even if you choose to go on one of the many luxury vacations in the Caribbean!
Of course, we know that the Caribbean islands are an archipelago which sits between north and south America. The islands are lapped by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the West Indies. This gives you an idea of how deliciously serene and beautiful the scene is, but which island will you choose?

You have a big choice in front of you!

The Bahamas is one of the most popular choices around, and when you do a little research into why, you’ll see it for yourself! Some top class golf courses await visitors, and because the islands sit just off the south-eastern coast of Florida, this is perhaps one of the easiest destinations to visit, because you can do a twin-centre break on the mainland of the USA, before venturing over to the Caribbean for an island getaway!

Just below the Bahamas you will find the Turks and Caicos Islands, which are certainly idyllic. Despite the fact these islands aren’t as well visited as some of the more popular islands, they are certainly beautiful and perfect for anyone who wants to kick back and totally relax in beautiful surroundings.

How about the Cayman Islands in the Greater Antilles group? This destination is close to Cuba, so perhaps you could venture to both islands and experience more in the way of Caribbean vibe? Of course, Cuba is a very popular destination , and  one which is extremely well visited. Whether you venture to the city of Havana, or you choose one of the resorts, such as all inclusive Varadero, you’re certainly going to enjoy the colourful and party atmosphere of this stunning island.

The Dominican Republic is a very green and natural island to visit, and this is an ideal choice for those who like to get out and about and explore the landscape. Whether you want to chill on a beach, or you want to trek into the rainforest, there is an experience here for you. Haiti sits just next door, and is a very beautiful island, despite the earlier destruction that the island has experienced from adverse weather.

Just like Cuba, Jamaica is one of the most popular islands to visit, and honeymooners and those who are about to get married flock here in their droves. The party atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, and the welcoming people make up a fantastic vacation destination. Of course, there is history too, as well as delicious food!

How about Puerto Rico? Or maybe Anguilla? Antigua and Barbuda has a beach for every single day of the year, with 365 to choose from! The British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands are paradise in themselves, and Saint Kitts and Nevis is another honeymoon destination and a great choice for golfers again.

There’s more! The Windward Island group includes Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Grenadine, and Trinidad and Tobago. These are all stunning islands , with  each being subtly different from the others. Of course, we’re missing three others, namely Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

The best way to choose which island you want to venture to is to sit down and really think about the types of activities you want to enjoy. If you want to be active, then somewhere like the Dominican could be for you, or Saint Lucia perhaps. If you want to kick back and relax only, then you have a massive choice, but somewhere like the US Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands could be a great option.

If you know the sorts of activities you want to try then you can make sure that you get the opportunity to do them by indulging in a little research. There are far worse ways to spend a day then sitting in front of the laptop with beautiful images of beaches and islands popping up! If you can do this, you will know exactly where to go, and you won’t miss out on any of the good stuff. Of course, if you can’t narrow your choice down then how about checking out more than one island? You could island hop, and if you plan your vacation well enough this is perfectly do-able. There are more opportunities to do this nowadays than ever before, and many ferries which move from island to island if you can schedule in your break accordingly.

Of course, the main function of the Caribbean for many visitors is to simply relax completely, and if that’s your aim, you will find it easy from the get-go. The chance to kick back and relax, with stunning scenery everywhere you turn, and luxury treatment at your beck and call is something that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.

So, without further ado, what are you waiting for? The paradise of the Caribbean is calling you!

July 22, 2017

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Travelling and Real Money Online Casino Gaming

In the past, the availability of a casino near or at a holiday resort was a  determining factor for many families. This is because gambling is a hobby that used to be associated with holiday making. Most casinos where situated in remote areas. And the only time gamblers could freely enjoy casino games is when they are on vacations. Very few cities had legal gambling establishments, therefore, people were forced to resort to illegal gambling or to wait for that vacation.

No more need to Travel to Gamble

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way people do many things and vacation planning is not exempted. Now planning the perfect holiday is made easier because of technology. One notable area is the availability of casino games online. These real money online casino games are just the same as those offered at traditional land based casinos. The online games eliminate the need to travel in order to win quench that desire to get real money,visit website. Now gamblers can play the top casino games from the privacy of their own Personal Computers. Many online casinos offer their games to play for real money via mobile. This means the games can be played on the go.

Technology and Making Vacation Plans

This technology has made it easier for people to travel to their dream vacation spots even when they do not offer any real money gambling. This is because the holiday maker simply needs to carry their laptop or smart mobile device. With the device and wifi connection, Anytime can be gambling time regardless of how far the player is from the casino.

The convenience has not only helped to make holiday planning easier but has also made online gambling the type of gambling of choice. Online gambling is now one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Besides the ability to allow players access to the best casino games on the go, the huge real money online casino rewards also contribute to the game’s’ popularity. Because the casinos operate online they have lower running costs. This means that the online casinos can give players higher jackpots and more bonuses.

Online Casinos to the Rescue

There is no longer a need to choose a destination that offers casino games over one that has something for the rest of the family. Although Casino resorts are on the rise there are still very few of them. The majority of the casino resorts are built around the gambling experience. Therefore all the other facilities there are only as good as they are functional to the main activity. This is opposed to holiday resorts that major in providing other activities like water activities or wilderness activities. These places have optimised their activities to make the experience excellent.

Many real money online casino game players have ended up managing to afford their dream vacations after winning a jackpot prize at online casinos. Some of the prizes are so big that they are often described as life changing jackpots

March 7, 2017

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Online Gambling – It is a Do or a Don’t?

The Internet is a wonderful thing, it has revolutionised the way we live our lives, and changed how we do so many things that we would otherwise have had to do manually.

For example, we do our grocery shopping online, we book our vacations online, we even find a new house online. With that in mind, it makes totally sense that our social lives will go online too, including betting.

Whether you bet on sports, events, or some other random occurrence, betting has been prevalent in history of many years. Whilst in the past whenever we wanted to place a bet we would have to go down to the local betting shop and fill in a form, nowadays we can do this from the comfort of our own homes, not even having to bother getting of our pyjamas! Is this a good thing or not? Well, in terms of ease, it’s a great thing!

There is a downside however, and that is how to find the most reputable and quality site for your betting needs. There are countless betting sites out there, but you’ll need to do your research to find the best one for your needs, and to find the best odds on whatever it is you’re wanting to bet on too.

The rise of online gambling has been a steep curve, but it is one which has benefited us in terms of choice. Provided you do your research and you check out the site before you go for it, you will find a wide range on offer. This is actually good news, more choice means competition, and competition means better offers for you.

Online gambling is certainly something which is booming, but it’s not all about sport. You can bet on the sex of the next royal baby (when another one comes along), you can bet on the winner of the upcoming music reality TV show, you can bet on the outcome of the next election, you can basically bet on any event which is coming up, including TV show competitions!

Of course, sports are always going to be the biggest pull, from horse racing to football, rugby to cricket, and everything in-between. Getting au fait with odds is important before you make your first bet, and if you’re not too sure about how all of this works, it’s a good idea to find someone who does, and get them to explain it all to you in detail.

So, is online betting something you like to do?

September 12, 2016

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The 5 Most Expensive Yachts in the world

If there is one material possession that is synonymous with wealth, it is the yacht. A symbol of attainment and success, only the wealthiest individuals on the planet can afford to own a fully-fledge yacht, while even those who want to rent one must be prepared to pay a significant sum.

5 of the World’s Most Expensive Yachts

The lavish reputation notwithstanding, however, the actual cost of the world’s most expensive yachts will probably come as a huge surprise. To understand this further, here are the five costliest yachts ever to have traversed the world’s oceans: –

Al-Said, $300 million

Named after its billionaire owner Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, this incredible yacht was one the second largest in the world and the most expensive to construct. Its total cost was a staggering $300 million, while it boasts a specification and a fortified, aluminium structure that puts others to shame. The yacht can hold up to 70 guests and even includes a concert hall, and can often be seen traversing the sun-kissed waters of Dubai.

Superyacht A, $323 million

With a name like Superyacht A, you would expect this brooding vessel to be the Royal Vegas Casino most expensive Yacht in the world. It only manages to achieve fourth place in our list, however, with a value of $323 million and the capacity to hold 14 guests. It is owned by the Russian billionaire Andrei Melchenko, and while Superyacht A may be smaller than its rival vessels it is the very embodiment of quality, style and luxury.

Dubai, $350 million

As the home of mega-rich business magnates and seven-star hotels, Dubai is now the epicentre of commercial life and a destination that remains synonymous with success. The same can be said of the luxury yacht of the same name, which was commissioned as the Golden Star by a wealthy Prince of Brunei. The vessel has also been referred to as the Platinum 525, while its huge interior can host a staggering 115 travellers. It cost a cool $350 million too, making it the third- most expensive yacht in history.

Eclipse, between $450 million and $1.2 billion

There is an argument that this stunning yacht should be top of our list, but at the very least it is a worthy runner-up that is worth a minimum of $450 million. The issue with this vessel is that its construction costs and resale value remains the subject of debate, from a lower-end projection of $450 million to a peak of $1.5 billion. Either way, it has 70 crew members and is owned by Chelsea magnate and Russian oil tycoon Roman Abromavich, while there is even a helipad or two should you need to use them.

The Streets of Monaco, £1.8 billion

If there is some doubt about the true value of the Eclipse, the Streets of Monaco is a vessel that we know costs a cool $1.8 billion (or £1 billion if you herald from the UK). The only difference with this yacht is that it is still under construction, but it has already broken new ground in terms of design, features and amenities. It is set to include a private beach, for example, along with a man-made lake and fabricated casino settings. In short, this will be the hottest ticket on the market when it is finished, although only for those who can afford to spend nearly $2 billion on a luxury accessory!

December 18, 2015

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Top Tips for the Intrepid Traveler

With the world constantly more accessible and the internet and television shows opening up our curious minds, it’s a fact that more and more Americans are traveling these days. In fact, for 49 out of our 50 states, travel is among the top ten industries and direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $644.9 billion in 2014. Economic downturn or no, terrorism travel threat aside, you can’t argue that more people are traveling. But how many of these travelers like to venture off the beaten path?

Do you consider yourself an intrepid traveler? Are you adventurous enough to try out an exotic destination, or leave without your guidebook in your bag? If you’re thinking about ditching your all-inclusive for a self-designed vacation, trekking to Machu Picchu on the Inca trail, riding a flimsy boat down the Amazon, or even just throwing your fixie in your station wagon and heading across state, then these tips might come in handy.

Be intrepid – The first tip for an intrepid traveler may sound rather obvious, but you need to be intrepid. Be fearless, adventurous; bold. And you might have to fake it ‘til you make it. It’s not always easy to feel courageous and travel alone or travel to lesser visited places. But not only can would-be thieves and criminals smell fear, but being bold and accepting the kindness of strangers; smiling, walking with confidence, and saying “yes” to invitations can lead you to whole new experiences. Just to clarify, still exercise common sense here, but opening your mind to doing things you wouldn’t usually do will lead you to the places other tourists never see and ensure you develop a real understanding for the local culture.

Listen to the locals – Shop where they shop, eat where they eat, speak to the locals wherever possible. Ask them what they really think about the world we live in and their lives. If your language skills aren’t strong, remember that a smile is the universal language and will open many doors for you. Eating and shopping where the locals do will not only save you money and make you friends, but you’re far more likely to sample the real cuisine that’s much tastier or more unusual than anything in tourist restaurants.

Go out of season – If you can avoid traveling during the peak times of year, like summer vacations, spring break, and the holidays, you’ll discover the real heart and soul of the place; see people working, children going to school, and enjoy local national holidays. The majority of tourists will have left and hotels and restaurants are less crowded and less expensive, and the locals are more likely to be interested in you.

Don’t visit tourist destinations – think about visiting cities that aren’t major tourist destinations. Instead of Venice, go to Sicily; replace Cancun with Oaxaca. Go to places that other people don’t. You’ll get to know the locals better and experience their culture in a much more authentic way.

Do something active – Arranging a three day trek, or cycle between destinations is a great way to explore slowly and see the little details you wouldn’t catch while going by bus, car or plane. Look for bikes for sale before you go so that you can choose a traveling buddy that’s right for you, instead of renting one with a patched up tire that leaves you stranded in the outback.

Read local literature – travel with a local novel, poems, or even newspapers. Reading about destinations while you’re in them is a great way to get perspective and feel the place even more deeply. Same applies to local music. Find out what it is and immerse yourself in it.

Backup your photos – whether you’re one of those travelers with a multi-zoom camera or you prefer to snap from your smartphone, make sure to backup. Phones are easy to lose, cameras get damaged, and, well, robberies do happen from time to time. If you have insurance, it won’t matter too much but the photos are irreplaceable.

Keep copies of your documents – in the same vein, be sure to scan and email your documents to yourself. That way, you will always have access to the numbers you need and can cancel your credit cards or documents if necessary.

Have several ways to pay – not all countries readily accept credit or debit cards. Make sure you take cash in local currency and in dollars – not too much though – just enough to get you out of trouble if your accommodations don’t take card, or you already ordered in a restaurant and then found out it only deals in cash. Take more than one card if possible too. International communications can do strange things to credit cards and your perfectly working one may suddenly stop or be rejected. Have a back-up.

Travel light – once you’ve finished packing, unpack. Take everything out and try to halve it. If you can halve it again that would be even better. That’s what you’ll actually need. Most people who travel over pack, and it can be a real hindrance if you want to do something spontaneous.

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December 11, 2015

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A Revolutionary New Habit

Ways to pass the time have seriously come on over the last few years; we have gone from telling stories as a hobby, to knitting, crafts, and then on to all things technological, with gaming taking over the world. Things change and move on, and one of the most common new pastimes comes in the way of online casinos.

Now, this has double perks – firstly, you’re filling your time with something exciting and fun, and secondly, you might win money, which is always a bonus. What could be wrong what scenario?

Online casinos are now a huge booming industry, with owners making serious cash as a result. There are of course downsides to this, i.e. you have to search for your particular site carefully, to avoid the bad ones out there, and you also need to make sure you don’t dedicate too much time or money to it, as it can become addictive.

Taking away the cautionary tale, the upsides are clear to see. Online casinos offer a way to supplement your income, if you’re careful, a way to fill your down time, and offer a secure way to play online with a variety of different online casino games, provided you do your research first.

Many online casino gaming sites will give you an incentive to sign up, e.g. a free bonus to begin your first game with, as well as further incentives after that, such as special offers, or recommending to a friend. These all add up to ways to grab attention and entice more gamers to the site. This has grown massively over the last few years in particular, as the Internet has taken over our lives completely, and almost everything we do nowadays revolves around the World Wide Web; think about it, we barely do anything that doesn’t involve an online connection of some sort, be it through an iPad/tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Technology truly has taken over the world.

Online casino gaming is basically the online version of heading to a bricks and mortar casino, and you could argue that cuts down on costs, because you don’t need to travel, you don’t need to buy drinks, you don’t need to free up what is usually an entire evening, and you can be totally unsociable if you so wish. On top of this, the pay back percentages are generally a little higher than those you will find in a regular, stand-alone building casino.

Everything has its day, and it’s hard to say whether the current trend of online casino popularity will continue or whether it will wane, but whilst people continue to want to bet and make money online, there is little sign of it disappearing anytime soon. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time this winter, with the potential to line your bank balance a little, then why not find your ideal online casino website and sign up; provided you’re sensible and you understand that this is gambling, then there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a little of the perks of an online casino.

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October 29, 2015

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Bored This Winter? Head Online!

With dark winter days comes a little bit of boredom. Whilst this might not to everyone’s liking, there are happily plenty of ways you can entertain yourself on those evenings when there is simply nothing on TV, and nobody seems to want to talk to you on Facebook.

Luckily, the internet is at hand, and this is where a world of entertainment is literally at your fingertips. All you need is a good quality internet connection and you can enjoy yourself with a wide variety of activities – no need to leave the house!

Stream TV or films

Sites like Netflix have revolutionised how we watch TV, as we can now choose whatever we want to see, without having to wait for it to arrive on our TVs in its own time! You can sit and watch back to back episodes of your favourite US drama, you can watch the latest films, or you can catch up on some random comedy that last aired on TV about ten years ago – the choice is yours.

Play a few games, win a little cash

Online casino games could certainly mean cash in your pocket for sitting and enjoying yourself of an evening! Simply register, follow instructions, and choose your game, and be ready for the possibility of cash rolling in. Play Vegas games with William Hill and you will see the wide variety of games on offer, all great fun and certainly a way to starve off winter boredom.

Plan your next holiday

We know that the Internet also means a world of information right in front of us, and what better way to beat the winter blues than by planning your next sun-soaked holiday? Get online and start researching!

Shop ‘til you drop (on the sofa)

Now, online shopping may have its downfalls, i.e. it’s quite addictive and you can easily spend too much, but you can also grab quite a lot of bargains by doing your shopping via the comfort of your sofa. Think Christmas shopping for example, what better way to beat the crowds than by not actually joining them?

Give your opinion and earn a little extra money

There are many ways you can earn a little extra cash on the Internet, and whilst you’re not going to make a huge fortune, you can make a little for a rainy day. Online surveys offer cash rewards for your opinions, and it literally involves ticking a few boxes. Granted, you’re going to have to give a lot of opinions to earn much, but if you’re not doing much else, why not?

Meet the love of your life

Online dating used to have such a stigma attached to it, but not anymore! If you’re single, why not spend your spare time browsing available profiles and chatting to people you like? You never know who you might meet, and it’s not like you even have to dress up for the occasion!

These are just a few ways you can amble a little spare time away whilst you’re browsing the Internet in your boredom hours.