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New York City On a Budget

Are you dreaming about visiting New York City but do not have a large bank account? Yet New York City is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world and year after year it is listed on the top of Kiplinger’s list, there are plenty of ways to make your dream come true. While it is true that most of the five-star hotels can cost more than a few thousand dollars a night, fortunately, it is not an issue not to travel anymore.

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Brazil’s Best Beaches

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, is both the largest country in South America and Latin America region attracting many local and international tourists each year. Featuring a tropical coastline of 7,492 km, it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and has numerous archipelagos forming a part of it, as well as some of the world’s superior beaches.

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America’s Most Under-Rated Cities

When it comes to American cities, most of the travel magazines and guides focus on the premier destination cities, such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New York. However, America is much more than a cliché of these big, attractive but overcrowded American cities. Travelling to other fascinating and beautiful American cities may be an exciting experience full of happiness, joy and adventures.

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    Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

    As far as Digital Nomads go, traveling around the planet is the primary mission in life. Although some might say that these individuals live life on a day-to-day basis, nomads also have their own specific needs, and one of the main necessities is definitely owning a high-quality luggage. There are many companies that pride themselvesMore
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    Your Perfect Island Escape

    Do you have a vision in your head of paradise? Most people picture a white sand beach, swaying palm trees, translucent blue sea, a drink in hand, the gentle sound of the breeze, a welcome break from the heat of the sun. Is this the image you have? The Caribbean sums up that image perfectly,More
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    Travelling and Real Money Online Casino Gaming

    In the past, the availability of a casino near or at a holiday resort was a  determining factor for many families. This is because gambling is a hobby that used to be associated with holiday making. Most casinos where situated in remote areas. And the only time gamblers could freely enjoy casino games is whenMore
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    Online Gambling – It is a Do or a Don’t?

    The Internet is a wonderful thing, it has revolutionised the way we live our lives, and changed how we do so many things that we would otherwise have had to do manually. For example, we do our grocery shopping online, we book our vacations online, we even find a new house online. With that inMore
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    Try Your Luck in Las Vegas?

    There aren’t many people on the planet who haven’t dreamed of heading to the bright lights of Las Vegas at some point in their lives. Whether it’s to enjoy the gambling fun, perhaps the amazing shows on offer, or even just to say they’ve been, Las Vegas is certainly a bucket-list destination. If you areMore
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    Do It Your Way In New York

    No two visits to the Big Apple are ever the same – you might think you’re going to have the same experience, but every single day in this huge metropolis bring something different to the table, and that is what makes it so special and iconic. When you visit for the first time, you reallyMore
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    Experiencing The Heart of India – By Motorcycle!

    Any road trip is always going to be rewarding, fun, full of memories, and an opportunity to pack your camera with some amazing photos, but when it comes to choosing where to go, you can seriously up the ‘once in a lifetime’ stakes by choosing somewhere totally iconic and different. Of course, you can alsoMore
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    Old & New, Nature & City – Welcome to Adelaide!

    Australian cities are famous, and this is also where the majority of the country’s population can be found. Whilst most people tend to focus their attention on Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane, by doing that you’re missing out on one of the most beautiful, varied, and natural cities around – Adelaide. Located in South Australia,More
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    Ten Things to do in Bogota

    Colombia’s historic and vibrant capital is certainly a destination that will fill more than your average city break. Bogota is busy, packed with architecture, culture, and history, whilst also having that modern day city vibe that we all know and love. Getting around the city is quite easy, but if you want to really giveMore
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    The 5 Most Expensive Yachts in the world

    If there is one material possession that is synonymous with wealth, it is the yacht. A symbol of attainment and success, only the wealthiest individuals on the planet can afford to own a fully-fledge yacht, while even those who want to rent one must be prepared to pay a significant sum. 5 of the World’sMore